Testosterone Suspension cycle

The Testosterone Suspension cycle is renowned as the most powerful and pure form of testosterone.

Testosterone Suspension cycle

Dragon Pharma Testosterone

Its exceptionally short half-life, which can be as brief as two hours, necessitates regular injections to maintain ideal blood levels.

Consequently, it is not as widely utilized as the more commonly injected ester forms of testosterone that require less frequent administration.

Testosterone Suspension is often considered an advanced-level steroid because of the discomfort and commitment associated with regular injections. Therefore, most beginner and intermediate users are unlikely to consider using it.

Dosage for Beginner and Intermediate of Test Suspension 100:

Beginner users: 100mg every other day is an option, although daily injections yield optimal results.
Intermediate users: Commit to daily injections of 50mg to 100mg, either daily or only on training days.
Advanced users: In a standard intermediate cycle plan, Suspension can be combined with other testosterone esters, like Testosterone Enanthate, and additional compounds such as Deca-Durabolin.

The suggested structure for a powerful advanced 6-week bulking stack is as follows:

  • Testosterone Suspension: Take 100mg to 200mg daily throughout the cycle.
  • Dianabol: use 25mg per day.
  • Winstrol: Include 350mg per week for additional muscle hardening.

Testosterone Suspension Cycle for 4 week

Due to this water based preparation you will feel its effects pretty quick. It can be injected daily or every other day for less pain but It can bring some PIP.

Weeks Product Dosage
1-4 Testosterone Suspension 50 mg/day
starting with week 5 Clomid Day 1 – Clomid 150mg/day
Day 2 – Clomid 100mg/day
Following 10 days – Clomid 50mg/day
Following 10 days – Clomid 50mg/day

For this cycle you will need: x2 vials of Testosterone Suspensions 100mg/ml and 100 tabs of Clomid 50mg/tab.

Testosterone Suspension for Women

Testosterone Suspension is not recommended for use by females due to its exceptionally fast working nature and high risk of androgenic effects.

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This amazing product is injected just once a week. You can gradually increase the dosage every 4 weeks. If you notice any side effects when increasing the dose, simply go back to the previous amount.

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