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Manufacturer: Axiolabs
Substance: Anastrozole
Pack: 50 tabs (1 mg/tab)


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Arimiplex 1 mg is an oral anti-estrogen containing 1 mg of the substance anastrozole. Axio Labs Arimiplex 1 mg is a true aromatase inhibitor that blocks the aromatase enzyme in the body. This limits the amount of estrogen formation that takes place.

Arimiplex PCT has obvious benefits for bodybuilders using aromatizing steroids like testosterone. These individuals may experience estrogen-related side effects such as bloating and gynomastia. Taking anastrozole while on cycle will greatly reduce the risk of any of these side effects.

In studies that have been done, Arimiplex Axio Labs has been shown to reduce estrogen in the body by roughly 50%. This is a good balance for bodybuilders, because some estrogen is needed in order for the full anabolic benefits of the steroids being taken to be achieved.

These results are typically the same with a dosage of 5 mg a day as they are with a dosage of 1 mg a day, meaning that in most cases, a half tablet a day will be sufficient for estrogen control throughout cycle.

Typically, bodybuilders using Arimiplex 1mg will begin taking it the day they start their cycle, and will run it throughout the duration of steroid administration. It is also important to point out Anastrozole's ability to increase testosterone in the body. Some studies have shown that natural testosterone levels have increases as much as 60% after the use of this substance for 7 days. Because of this, bodybuilders find Arimiplex 1mg extremely effective during PCT where as they are trying to elevate natural levels as much as possible in order to avoid a post cycle crash.

It is generally recommended that upon discontinuance of steroid use, that one continue to run Anastrozole throughout the duration of their PCT regime. (4-6) weeks.


Aug 1, 2022 (04:34)

This product has been my go-to, it has never failed me. This product is a must have for anyone who needs a pct. Sincerely, thank you!

Stephen Smith
Jul 20, 2022 (04:36)

Axiolabs arimiplex works amazingly. It is very easy to start feeling the positive effects.

Jonathan M
Jun 23, 2022 (04:39)

Used Axio anastrozole for my pct and cycle support. If you are looking to eliminate any estrogen this is definitely the right product.

May 17, 2022 (04:37)

Mr Panda everything you do for customers is spot on! Of course I can only speak for myself, but for me you are a kind source.

Apr 4, 2022 (04:44)

I took these to lower my estrogen levels with my steroid stack. Definitely could feel a difference between adding this vs my first axiolabs cycle of testaplex.

Nov 20, 2020 (04:54)

The product is as expected from a trusted Axiolabs product seller. In my 12-week cycle, Arimiplex used 1 mg every other day. Use dbol at 100mg for the first 3 weeks! This stuff is added strong quickly at 10-15 lbs! Pumps and abundance received great attention! In week 9, winstrol inj was added at the rate of 25 mg 1/2 ml per day! My body went dry dry dry! Something about that Winstrol in the water is the way to go for me! Masteron e has been used with 400 mg per week in combination with Winstrol for the last 5 weeks! Hard muscles were created with this high quality Masteron! Couldn't be happier!

Nov 18, 2020 (04:38)

The anastrozole I ordered worked excellent, it only took a few days to shed the water. I've been using their stuff for a while and my strength gains have always been incredible. My recovery was also quick. The only really bad pip I got is after using Test E or Sust ... not sure why, it doesn't help having my hands shake when I'm stuck. I've used their Anavar for Axiolabs in the past as well, which was great.

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