Odintropin 36iu PEN

Odintropin 36iu PEN

Manufacturer: Odin Pharma
Substance: Somatropin
Pack: 1 Pre-filled Pen for Injection (36iu)


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Odin Pharma Odintropin 36iu PEN for Sale on PandaRoids

The number one rule that the bodybuilder should keep in mind when using Odintropin 36 is that the duration of treatment is more important than the dosage amount. That is, with an Odin Pharmaa HGH cycle of 2 IU per day for a period of six months. The bodybuilder achieves better results than if higher daily doses of 4-8 IU are used for 2 months. Similar to testosterone, growth hormone is an endogenous hormone that is non-toxic and suitable for very long-term use. Basically, one can say that the minimum duration of a growth hormone cure, especially in the muscle building phase, should not be less than three months.

A period of 6-12 months would be better when using low to moderate amounts of somatropin (2-6 IU day). The longer growth hormone is used, the greater its potential to affect physical appearance. While there is initially only water retention, the muscle-building role of the growth hormone takes over with increasing use and leads to solid muscle building over many months, with consistently good strength gains.

Odintropin Dosage

For an effective daily dose, most bodybuilders receive 2-6 IU. The injection is made with an insulin needle in the abdominal wall. Those who have never used the somatotropic hormone usually start with 2 IU daily. Advanced bodybuilders already taking growth hormone treatments at 2 IU per day, increase their daily dose to 4 IU. More than 6 IU is not required for daily treatment.

Ambitious bodybuilders need at most more Odin HGH, but this always requires the simultaneous work of insulin and thyroid hormone, and therefore the high growth hormone dosages fizzle out and only give the user unnecessary side effects. There are some professional bodybuilders who inject 32 IU or more of Somatropin daily, but it must be said that most pros do not use such large amounts and typically work at 8-16 IU per day.

No matter how high the daily dose is chosen, the HGH should be injected at least twice a day for best results as it has a very short half-life of a few hours. Ideally, it should be given in the morning just before breakfast and again after training just before the post-workout meal. The total daily dose is simply halved, i. H. with a daily application of 2 IU, 1 IU is injected twice a day. It is important to consume sufficient carbohydrates and plenty of easily digestible protein with these two meals, while keeping fat intake to a minimum. This supports the prompt release of insulin, which is very helpful for growth hormone in IGF-1 formation.

The practice of some bodybuilders of injecting growth hormone before bed to get as close as possible to the natural rhythm of growth hormone release makes little sense. Due to the lack of food intake, there is no massive IGF-1 formation at night, which is why an insulin shot just before going to bed is out of the question. Furthermore, a nocturnal growth hormone injection leads to a total shutdown of the body's own growth hormone release during sleep, since the temporal overlapping cannot be avoided. This problem is less severe when HGH is injected early in the morning, late afternoon, or early evening. In addition, it is known that growth hormone injections just before bedtime often cause trouble falling asleep.


Aug 19, 2022 (04:26)

This review is for the service and gear of odin. This is actually my second time ordering from them. first (kalpa test e) order I got lost, but they were cool enough to replace it. I highly recommend panda steroids shop to everyone.

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