How Much Bacteriostatic Water to Mix with 5mg of Semaglutide

Semaglutide Mixing|Usage and Storage

How Much Bacteriostatic Water to Mix with 5mg of Semaglutide

This amazing product is injected just once a week. You can gradually increase the dosage every 4 weeks. If you notice any side effects when increasing the dose, simply go back to the previous amount.

To use the Semaglutide vial, you'll also need Bacteriostatic Water, alcohol swabs, and insulin syringes.

When it comes to mixing, let's consider the example with our 5mg vial. If you add 2ml of bac water to it and want to use 0.25mg, you'll need to inject 10 units from a 1ml 100ui insulin syringe.

Here's a breakdown of dosages for your reference:

0.25mg = 10 units
0.50 = 20 units
1.00 = 40 units
1.70 = 68 units
2.50 = 100 units

The math is pretty simple. You mix 5mg of the active substance with 2ml of bac water. This means that in 2ml, you have 5mg of the active substance, and in 1ml, you have 2.5mg. Keep in mind that the 100 unit insulin syringe is 1ml.

Dividing 2.5mg by 100 units gives us 0.025mg per unit. Multiplying this by 10 units, we get 0.25mg.

Basic Semaglutide Dosage Chart:

1 - 4: Subcutaneously inject 0.25mg/week
5 - 8: Subcutaneously inject 0.5mg/week
9 - 12: Subcutaneously inject 1mg/week
13 - 16: Subcutaneously inject 1.7mg/week
17: Subcutaneously inject 2.4mg/week

I hope you find this information engaging! Let me know if you have any more questions.

Jan 10, 2024 Panda Team

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