Testosterone Enanthate Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate

Manufacturer: Pan Pharma
Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Enanthate
Pack: 10 ampoules; 1 ml each (250 mg/ml)

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Pan Pharma Testosterone is an injectable steroid in the form of an oily solution that pumps out the testosterone slowly and lets it work for 2-3 weeks. This process is simple: the testosterone fills the muscles with blood and makes them bigger in a short time. Today, Testosterone Enanthate 250 is one of the most prescribed testosterone drugs.

Pan Pharma Enanthate helps you build more muscle faster and increase libido. The faster mass gain and fat loss is due to water retention and the accumulation of adipose tissue in the body - due to greater oxygen uptake in the blood. Testosterone is known to be a steroid similar to the hormone produced by our body and very well tolerated. Enanthate 250 perfectly regenerates cells in the human body and plays an important role in the rapid recovery of damaged muscles. This process increases the appetite to train more and gain more mass.

Testosterone Dosage

An athlete takes an average dose of 250 to 750 mg per week. If someone abuses the doses, the estrogenic effects will become more apparent and will not result in bulking. Usually the Pan Pharma Test E 250 is injected once a week, a normal dose to keep the drug in the blood.

More experienced athletes take Enanthate 250 with Primobolan 100, Dianabol 20 or Equipoise 300 at the same time to achieve muscle building. Note: An athlete should take aromatase inhibitors, which allow a reduction in blood estrogen levels by increasing blood testosterone levels.

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